Still Getting Joy Out Of One Thing

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All things oatmeal

its warm, satisfying, and surly knows how to make my day, alot better

Still been enjoying my delectable undenialbly delicious bowl of oats with autum fruits

this bowl was epic,

bananas, figs and strawberries

AKA, best combo ever

topped with sun butter and oats were cooked in sugar cookie tea


From now on, ill be post random eats that i havent posted or forgot to post from the past week that have been delicious and nutritious but besides that, im still camera less since yesterday :(

On my way out to eat for my grandpops birthday, i hope i can enjoy this time with my family while I can be with them

in fear that my parents may send me inpatient again

well enough ED talk, he doesnt deserve recognition to be talked about…

Hope all is well and everyone can enjoy there weekends!

I love you all!




Something is wrong

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Something is wrong
Nothing is right

have i really allowed you back into my life?
I can not hide this person ive become
its truly the feelings that have overcome
Something must be done
You know his name
I am extremly ashamed
That I have fallen back
Onto his deadly tracks
A soldier to his whisper
He is staying for the winter
Stealing the life
The smiles and the happiness
That used to control his screams for attention
Who knew one week of school could put me back so far
The road to recovery shouldn’t be this hard
I miss my smile, my passion for culinary adventures
But while he is here, there is nothing but tears and failures
Hopefully I can pull my act together before he gets the best of me
Because I know I’m more than what he’s telling me
I do not have the guts to tell anyone out loud
I am a coward but he is proud
Slipping so deep into a whole
It’s scary to see how far he can pull
Ed is back, stronger than ever
Why me? I know I’m more clever

Hopefully soon I can post again but for now I’m not allowed to use my camera and etc because of my behaviors and interactions with ed for the past week. Who knows why this started again but all I know is I want help, fast!

I love you girls, hopefully I’ll be back soon


From Summer to Fall

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here are some of the daily transitions that take me from

Summer to Fall

From Flowers to Leaves







From Cantelope to Pumpkin







From Salads to Soups







From sweaty hair ties to inpsirational bracelets







From sun glasses to keep out the sun to fuzzy slippers to feet your tootsies warm!







(my favorite slippers ever!)

from tredy to cozy









From Fresh to Frozen







From breakfasts with fresh fruits to seasonal veggies







From the aroma of rotting fruit to fresh candles







From nut butter to butternut







From enjoyed at home, to packed for school










From cookbook to school book







Although, some of these transitions are good, this one is not my favorite! All of the above are my favorite besides having to inhale my breakfast while on my way out the door with books and calculators in hand, and not having enough time to search and browse the web for new and interesting recipes! Junior year of high school gives me no time to cook or even think about taking time to bake something which is so upsetting :(

Im so used to spending at least an hour eating my oats in the morning, just browsing the web and wishing the bowl would never end since there always so darn good. And now, im lucky if i have 10 minutes to spare to get the oats inhaled before first period!

These transitions to fall are ones of which everyone experiences or some people relate too. I love fall, by far one of my favorite seasons ever! its a time to relax and rest from all the heat and commotion from summer, a time to sip hot chocolate and enjoy times with family.

 This list could have gone on forever!

Most of all fall is a sign of change. its a sign that no matter how (hot, humid, or rainy) rough, sad, or overwhelming (summer) life becomes, (seasons) things will always change. whether you like the changes or you dont, things are constantly developing around us. were never stuck in a situation or time where it will be like that forever. For those with ED’s this shows us that every season you become a new person, you grow and develop into a new person, attitude and (hopefully) healthier view of life.

think of it like this, if in the summer you wouldnt touch ice cream, this fall, you an surley redeem yourself by taking a large fork of that pumpkin pie (:

just know, things are always going to turn around and change, its the way we adapt and develop as well

that makes us  stonger people

 Fall time is coming……

 can you feel it?

whats you favorite transition as fall comes near?

Love yous! Missed you also ;)








i wish i fit into these slippers! ^


What to do with Rotting “Fruit”

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At the beginning of the week, Monday, each week, me and my mom make a run to the produce junction.

We stock up on all veggies nessasry for the week, with no intention of certain dishes but just a mere idea of what we might want. Well, when i walk in this place i want to buy EVERYTHING! i never set limit on what or how much of something i should buy. I get so darn excited thinking about possible combinations with all the fruits for my oats and veggies for my delicious lunches. I grab a bag and i dont put it down until its full, and than of vourse i grab another 10 ten bags and fill them too (: Anyways, the point of this story is, by the end of the week, so many things have gone/or going bad! I never waist anything, i never let anything go to waist either.

Today, my rotting “fruit” was this…

way to many tomatoes from the garden. I’m talking about ten pounds of these darn things! I love tomatoes and all, but im not a fan of when i see fruit flies everywhere and they start to stank up the house! Blech, not pleasing and not a smell i want to relate to this lovely “fruit”.

Also on my plate was wilty slimey spinach, farmers market hard seeded eggplant (havent had much luck with egplant this year! all the seeds are so hard ) and black gushy onions

[Now, i know none of this sounds appetizing but trust me, keep reading, it gets better!]

I got my creative juices flowing and thought of what would become of these rotting gems

I could only think of one word…


when fall time rolls around, this is the only meal that is ever on my mind. I am open to admitting that i am addicted to soup! Whenever i go out to eat my eyes steer right toward the soups juts because there so warm, hearty, and delicious! Like seriously, what can go wrong with having all your favorite seaonsal veggies brought together by a greatly seasoned warm thick broth topped with melty cheese or toppings of choice, and of course with a nice peice of bread for dunking (;

Anyways, this soup was perfect for all the ingredients on hand! Now, i didnt really measure but i can give you an idea of how the recipe went

Warm tomato cous cous roasted vegetable soup

it screams fall!

1. Take around 4 cups of soft ripened tomatos and place them in the food processor or blender, puree for about 4 to 5 minutes. When finished, is puree still has skins and seeds that are visible, you can drain them

(i didnt since i didnt find any and i didnt want to waist em!)

2. Take out a pot and saute  in EVOO 5 cloves of garlic, hand fuls of fresh chopped basil, rosemary, oregano, black pepper and sea salt(no measurement, take how much you like of each spice) Sautee until browned than add 1/2 chopped eggplant and 1 medium onion. Carmalize or cook until desired consistancy

3. While veggies are cooking prepare 2/3 cup of dry whole wheat cous cous according to directions and all in 1 clove of garlic and 1/3 cup asaigo cheese (or cheese of choice)

4. When veggies are finished sauteeing add pureed tomatoes, on the side, prepare spinach by removing excess water (if frozen). When tomatoes come to a boil, add spinach and 2-4 tablespoons of whole wheat flour or corn startch (to thicken) stir, all add in prepared cous cous.

5. Let simmer in a pot for about an hour, now here where we go our seprate ways,  if you find that your soup is to thick, add vegetable broth or chicken broth and let simmer. Also, i prepared a lemon rosemary basil chicken and added it to my soup for some protein but if your vegetarian or do not prefer chicken you could simply sautee some white beans in rosemary and a little lemon juice and add to the soup. This gave the soup a lovely taste and some protein!

Toppings could vary from avocado, to cheeses, to fresh herbs, or yogurt sauces.

I went with asaigo cheese for a nutty robust flavor, this was amazing.

So simple and delicious it doesnt even take long to prepare!

Success! and its my own recipe! I was so happy and pleased that im finally getting the hang of preparing my own things and coming up with my own recipes! this was definatly a winner it was so flavor and seasoned perfectly, consistancy was amazing and the cous cous was delicious!

Let me know if you try it (; you wont regret it!

Thats all Ive got for today! Ive been so busy with all my AP and honors classes in school that i mostly only have time to skim through blogs and post myself, so if i havent been commenting im so sorry! Ill definatly get caught up come the weekend since i miss you girls so much!

Breakfast this morning was peach oats cooked in coconut milk and chai spice topped with almond butter

Lunch was a hummus (white bean) roasted pepper and cucumber sandwhich with baby carrots and p.b on the side

Love you girls hope your having a lovely week

Happy hump day!



Naturally….and pairs, pears?

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 Naturally Delicious



I could go on forever about how natural things are a part of my day… but i have lots to share (:

This weekend my parents decided to surprise us with our last visit to the shore! I was so happy and excited to get my last tan in before having to return to school and also to just get away and enjoy the sun for the last week of summer! Although going down the shore used to be full of fun and happy memories, during my disorder everything changed. It all became about having to walk everywhere, wearing to much clothing for the heat, and restricting. Now for those who have had disorders or even just a bad experience in a certain place, it is so hard to go back and try to give it a positive vibe again. When we arrived, the first day all was well. Second day, all things changed, i started restricting because wearing a bikini didnt make me happy, and all the bad thoughts just came back about all the rituals i used to perform while being there. Although i didnt totally relapse or not eat/ over excersise, things took a turn for the worst. I couldnt get myself to eat properly or feel good about my body. It was a horrible feeling and realization noticing that i can revert back so quickly. How thoughts can change with a snap of a finger. I always get so uncomfortable with my body and feelings whenever im not in the comfort of my own home, and thats NOT good. Soon, 2 years, ill have to go off to college and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I dont want to be stuck in a trap because im not in the normal routine of my day at home, I want to be able to adjust and not take advantage of being in a different atmosphere. I really have some searching to do on how i can be healthy, on my own. No parental, sister, or doctor guidance. Once and for all it needs to be for me, and this weekend surely showed me i wasnt doing much of anything for myself. I did make up for it, but after alot of weekend stuggles, i wish i could have enjoyed the weekend the way i wanted to, soft serve icecream, delicious seafood, dippin’ dots, cotton candy, all that good stuff and more. But instead i restricted those things and just stuck with my safe foods. I need to learn how to break this rut, i DONT want to be like this forever! At least i know ill be home until next summer and i can hopefully learn and identify what triggers me so bad down there.

Any suggestions to adjusting to new places?


Anyways, not all of my weekend was bad! We went to the zoo which was by far the funnest thing eva! I got to experiment with my new camera and take the most amazing pictures! Yes, ill share them with ya’ll (:

Cute Monkey!

super fun day, I love the zoo!

Well, now that im done telling you about my weekend, let me show you the goods!

perfects pairs

chicken catchitore with homemade tomato sauce, cauliflower and toast with pizza/ white bean hummus on the side

perfect pears

pears pear pair perfectly with…

figs and strawberries

with the addition of a new friend…

maple almond butter

oh my, first time trying this and im addicted already! half the jar down in about 3 days, how did that happen? ;)

So amazing, found it at the weirdest place though, TJ Maxxx? Yup, the most amazing treat in a clothing store, surprising yes, convenient, no! Its not even at any of my grocery stores but ill find it at a clothing shop, well at least i found it!

Pears pair prominently with,

sunbutter, oh yes, almost empty, you know what that means!

and strawberries for good measure

(oats were cooked in coconut milk!)

best combo ever! Pears and strawberries are the best combo! I definatly reccomend it while strawberries are still in season

nectarines and raspberries….

now were talkin ;)

Perfect pair

nectarines are amazing mixed into oats! this bowl was peared paired with raspberries and peanut buttta

Also at TJ Maxx i found another great product…

ginger peanut sauce YUM!

I tried this the second i got home, paired it with ginger and caradom and cooked the sauce down with some pears and coconut milk for some sweetness

also served with a nix of roasted veggies (tomatoes, eggplant, yellow squash, spinach) with basil and garlic and a sweet potatoes cinnamon butternut squash mix

amazing home cooked meal! The sauce was unexpectedly hot! It had such a nice spice to it that really brought out the sweetness and the saltiness of the peanuts. So glad i decided to glaze the pears with the sauce, added great flavor

A+ meal! I would definatly have this ten times over

I guess ill be shopping at TJ Maxx more often, new grocery store?

Also had a switch in breakfast

Wait what?

No oats?! Nope, we ran out the last day so I had to comprimise…..

oh my, there are no words to explain the sweet phonomenal taste in which this sandwhich provided.

Perfect breakfast and alternative to oats right here

Instead of me rambling about how delicious this was, ill just tell you what was in it (:

Tj’s cinnamon rasisin walnut bread with sliced brie, pears, figs, almond butter and honey, grilled in smart balance to create…


please do yourself a favor and buy brie and some crazy awesome bread and pairs pears, you cant eat this without the pears! Baked them in the micro for a couple minutes with some cinnamon and wahlaaaa, perfection!

Last but not least, this was my challenge….

so on our way home we got stuck in traffic moving 5 mph! you can only imagine how annoying and crazy me my mom and sisters went sitting in a car together for 5 hrs! Half way through we all got starving, WAWA was the only stop on the way and it was around 2:30, i needed lunch! I went in and there was nothing i wanted. Yes they had healthy salads and such but I know that wouldnt be enough considering i hadnt eaten for a good 5 hours and probably wouldnt be home for a while. I finally comprimised with myself and thought about what I would really want and what my body needed…..

Hey! Not so bad right? This was a whole wheat short with turkey, honey mustard (gasp!) light provolone, tomato slices lettuce and red onions. Not bad not bad, i had no idea what the nutrition content or anything about it, didnt know the calories or portions, i just did what i wanted. Plain and simple, i felt so normal and relieved while eating this. Not one disordered thought entered my head as I devoured the hoagie, delicious and well deserved. This showed me i still have it in me to do what i want and what i know is right for my body.

big leap considering every other time we visit here, i dont even walk inside knowing im not going to get anything!

Also enjoyed a gala apple with naturally more on the way home, since that peanut butter is so amazing!

Anyways, ive got school tomorrow and lots to catch up on for my honors chem class! hopefully ill be able to post tomorrow!

Remember, no matter what ED is telling you, prove his irrational thoughts by doing something that YOU want and what you know is right, after the challenge is over with, youll feel unstoppable. He cant win…


Whats your favorite Almond Butter?

Whats your favorite thing to eat with pears?

Have a great night! Tell me about your weekends!



Great Oskios giveaway!


Coming Home Soon!

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Hello lovies, ill be back soon! Im down the shore and my shore computer doesnt accept my memory card so i cant upload pictures! i promise im not going anywhere ill be back soon! Miss yous!


Epic Eats and Sweet Treats

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Oh my! I have been so busy today and yesterday STILL doing my biology packet! Tomorrow school starts and im so excited! I have mostly all science classes which im extremely happy about because I love science! I dont have much time to post about my days lately so im just gonna get to the good stuff (:

Yesterday my parents came home and i was SO happy since i was totally exausted from being the mom of the house all week! Im sore from head to toe from stress and not being able to do yoga and just relax!

hehe thats my pop! today was his birthday and he helped me pick the raspberries!Momma and the pups that missed her so much (:

Anyways, yesterday my dad asked me what I was going to do with all the raspberries that we have, i decided i needed to bake, and anyways i was all out of my banana fig muffins anyway! I got my apron out and started to brain storm…

dont disturb this girl when shes in her baking mode, she can not be stopped! ;)

oops, we all make mistakes, dont we?

baking at its finest, the process was hard but the outcome was

oh so delicous

my recipe was based off of healthy exposures branana muffin recipe but i split the batter in 2 and added my own subs. Instead of peanut butter i used coconut nutzo butter and for 1/2 the batter i used raspberries and peaches and the other half i used dark chocolate chips and dates

so pretty much here we have a banana dark chocolate date bran muffins and a raspberry peach banana bran muffin

oh my, both were absolutly amazing! ive never had bran muffins before but im in love now!

i tried mine first with this….

siggis plain yogurt with papaya, a crumbled raspberry muffin, coconut shred and a dollop of sunbutter

oh my, they were so delicious and perfectly sweet, the coconut flavor from the nutzo butter made the muffin! perfect way for using raspberries (:

Another amazing recipe that i HAVE to share (i promise recipe page coming soon!) is this….

best dinner of my life, and im serious i mean this was completely AMAZING!

yesterday i had seen kath eats pizza dinner and noticed i still had some random fresh figs in the fridge. When I had seen the fig pizza, i jumped up from my chair and immediatly sat out a pizza dough. Anyways heres how it went down…

I seasoned the dough with italian seasonings (parsley, oregano, garlic powder, and sage) topped the dough with ricotta cheese, eggplant, zucchini, caramelized onions, and fresh figs allllll topped with the best cheese ever, asaigo cheese

oh my, the nutty flavor of the asaigo cheese really took over the flavor of the pizza and it was so delicious, the figs were perfectly sweet and the dough was so crunchy and crisp.

Number one favorite meal of my life! please, do yourself a favor and go buy pizza dough and make this, now!

Other eats throughout the day consisted of..

Raspberry peach blueberry oats with cinnamon coconut and sunbutter

first time ive ever sitrred my fruit into the oats! so good that way alittle bit of everything in every bite!

banana oats topped with melted plums, blueberries and raspberries with coconut shreds and almond butter

so freaking good! i love plums, perfectly paired with bananas, yummmm….

Salad with raisins, fennel, radishes, spinach, roasted peppers, garlic & parsley chicken, with a balsamic and raspberry vinegerette, side of seeduction toast with white bean hummus and fresh tomatoes. Also random slices of cucumber from the garden!

Spinach, roasted peppers, cucumber, carrots, caramelized onions, cranberries and salmon fillet with balsamic vinegar. Again, a side of white bean hummus on toast, so darn good

ugly picture, decent dinner. Shrimp marinated in peanut flour, soy sauce, lime juice and water. Cooked in toasted sesame seeds and broccoli florrets. Sides of kale chips and onions, sweet potato rounds and roasted eggplant. The shrimp was so good! the peanut flavor from the flour was so amazing!

Butternut squash with yogurt, grated ginger cinnamon and vanilla bean almonds, the taste of fall in a bowl


Thats all ive got for today! Im not sure if ill be able to post tomorrow but ill surely try! first day of school eeeeeep! so excited! See you guys later and enjoy your day loveysss



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